Thought Leadership

Let’s face it. There are lots of telemarketing and appointment setting firms out there.

While most firms focus primarily on quantity (number of dials being conducted and leads developed), we focus on the quality of our lead generation results to ensure we deliver strong sales ROI and ROMI for our clients.

This focus on quality requires a different kind of strategic thinking – along with a proven process, accomplished sales professionals and an effective approach that delivers the lead generation results you need.

Teleprospecting Vs. Telemarketing

Another pertinent topic when considering different appointment setting companies is how they view and handle teleprospecting calls compared to telemarketing calls. The difference in lead scoring quality is usually substantial and can mean the difference between receiving A, B or C quality rated leads for your sales outsourcing investment.

We like the distinction made between the two functions as defined by Sirius Decisions

  1. Telemarketing: The use of a technology-enabled inside resource to support a variety of ongoing marketing campaigns. This support can include, but is not limited to, data gathering/verification, driving/verifying registration for events and fulfilling campaign deliverables (e.g. sending whitepapers or brochures).
  2. Teleprospecting: The use of a technology-enabled inside resource to qualify and/or generate leads based on a predetermined definition of a “field-ready” opportunity.  Teleprospecting may or may not include the actual setting of appointments.

At Extended Presence, our teleprospecting focuses on uncovering the appropriate contacts that make or strongly influence decisions at your prospect organizations.

We know that our clients’ sales teams, in particular, are interested in reducing the sales cycle. We believe our teleprospecting approach (versus a telemarketing approach of simply smiling and dialing) leads to a significantly defined pipeline and reduced sales cycle because the meetings we set are qualified and scheduled with appropriate decision makers.

Thought Leadership Samples

Here are examples of our thought leadership to assist in your decision making process. By looking at examples of the types of different demand generation services we have offered since 2002, you can examine the results we delivered for the customers featured in these materials.

If you have specific questions about the types of appointment setting and telemarketing sales lead services we provide or our specific industry expertise, please call us to discuss. Chances are, we have other materials we can send you and most certainly should have plenty of relevant experience to discuss with you.

We invite you to contact us today to discuss your needs.