B2B Appointment Setting – Sales Appointment Setting Services

At Extended Presence, we understand that setting sales appointments that build a sales pipeline is important to your sales team. Delivering well qualified leads and creating a solid lead hand-off process are two critical steps in helping your team be successful.

Extended Presence – Your Sales Appointment Setting Services Specialists

The process in the traditional demand creation waterfall where the most sales opportunities are progressed is when sales receives well qualified leads. Likewise, under qualified opportunities can be disregarded or simply passed on by the sales team, affecting pipeline progression and ultimately won business. With most sales organizations under strict timeframes to deliver new revenue on a monthly or quarterly basis, we know that well qualified sales appointment setting services can deliver some of the quickest results.

In addition, creating a logistically smooth lead hand-off process is critical when setting sales appointments for your sales organization. Because Extended Presence takes a targeted approach at reaching the right decision makers, this allows sales to focus on pre-call research and make a substantial impact during the meeting. Our process also invites buy in from the sales leadership team to foster dialogue around appointments and ensure key players have the information they need to conduct a successful appointment.

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