Core Marketing Strategies – Our Approach

Extended Presence is not like typical telemarketing firms or call centers that make hundreds of calls a day to a laundry list of generic companies, pitching to anyone who answers the phone, and generating a handful of small leads at best.

Instead, we are strategic and selective, identifying and calling into only those target companies that meet your criteria and pursuing conversations with the correct decision makers. We can help identify within the chosen departments who you need to target.

Our Process

Extended Presence’s hallmark of sales outsourcing success is our ability to take the guess work and ineffective strategies out of the lead generation and lead nurturing process.

Our proven demand generation methodology and success spans nearly a decade, helping clients build a solid sales pipeline with qualified sales leads and warm opportunities from real prospects. We also focus on lead scoring and lead nurturing.

Unmatched depth of experience:

Every Extended Presence appointment setter is coached, managed, trained and certified according to our specified sales activity parameter and tools as part of our proprietary Activity Based Sales Management Methodology and Solution Selling Techniques. Our team members have a minimum of 10+ years of sales experience. We continuously analyze the call metrics data to gauge success and for leading scoring. We provide our clients with real-time, weekly results. If results indicate the need, we adjust the training and call strategy to maximize our lead generation results.

We utilize best-of-breed integrated marketing strategies that include email marketing, thought leadership, third party content value propositions, solution selling techniques, and advanced web applications to track, find and monitor strategic data.

Optimize Your Sales Leads with Effective Marketing Strategies – Your Return on Investment

The goal for every client campaign, and the reason for our ongoing B2B lead generation success, is our proven ability to provide a substantial Return on Investment for every sales lead generation dollar spent.

We track and measure ROI for every client by interacting with your sales team (or, if preferred, by getting this information from the field or channel marketing staff, as appropriate) to get the data on a number of critical factors including, but not limited to:

  • Total number of leads (set appointments and/or sales opportunities) generated
  • Total % of sales ready leads to all leads developed
  • Cost per lead or sale
  • Lead scoring
  • Close rate


Individualized Attention and Management

Depending upon your specific service needs, we assign a highly qualified and focused Client Sales Manager (CSM) for each program or campaign. Each CSM is highly skilled at working directly with clients to develop the appropriate sales and marketing strategies within individual program parameters. The CSM appointment setter is responsible for training, coaching, and managing the day-to-day activities for all sales and marketing professionals associated with the B2B lead generation campaign.

As the primary contact for the client, the CSM becomes an expert on all your pertinent products, services and sales/marketing processes and ensures that Extended Presence delivers high quality lead scoring results for your demand generation campaign.

Cost Benefits of an Outsourced Sales Team

There are many cost benefits to choosing a proven outsourced sales team.

By relying on our elite team of appointment setters to develop, deploy, execute and manage the day-to-day operations of their demand generation efforts, we provide clients with access to highly skilled, dedicated sales professionals on a contract basis as a supplement to — or in place of — hiring, training, and managing their own in-house sales department. Expenditures for office equipment, space, salaries, benefits, payroll taxes and such are replaced with a simple retainer-plus-commission schedule.

This approach allows greater client control over capital costs related to sales, and reduces the risks associated with incurring these costs.

Extended Presence’s Online Marketing Strategies helps you leverage the intelligence gained by teleprospecting to qualify contacts and focus the sales effort in areas where it counts. Contact us today