Lead Nurturing – Achieve High Close Rates

It is estimated that as many as 80% of marketing leads (from inbound and outbound calls, trade shows, etc.) given to Sales are not acted upon. Why? Quite often, the sales reps simply don’t have time to “work” the leads – especially those with a ‘B’ or ‘C’ lead scoring (prospects not ready to purchase today).

To avoid losing leads, you need a disciplined lead nurturing and lead management strategy in place.

The basis of Extended Presence’s Lead Nurturing success is the core belief that the “tele” function is the key component, along with access to relevant content for lead follow up.

Below are five key elements of our Lead Nurturing methodology which strives to over-qualifying nurture leads to achieve higher close rates:

  • Strong value proposition and overall positioning for offered product or service
  • Understand the contact’s role: Is the lead a Decision Maker or Influencer?
  • Specified Touch Points
  • Determine the contact’s likely time frame for purchase
  • Finally, based on information gleaned, either Rule In or Rule Out the lead (or for the latter, Reconstitute a lead nurturing strategy)

Extended Presence’s lead nurturing campaigns can be integrated into the client’s CRM lead distribution system and are customized to each client’s needs. Our campaigns may contain a mix of the following, depending upon the client’s needs:

  • Continuous lead tracking and lead management
  • Scheduled callbacks to sales outsourcing targets
  • Customized lead scoring for every telemarketing lead
  • Supplemental email and or direct mail marketing of specified content

With Extended Presence’s Lead Nurturing in place, you’re assured that no lead will go untouched. Our disciplined, multi-touch marketing strategy to maintain a regular connection with each of your prospects will help convert those long-term opportunities into sales-ready ‘A’ leads when the prospect is ready to buy.

Contact us to learn more about our proven B2B lead generation and lead nurturing approach.