About Us

Integrated CampaignsExtended Presence is dedicated to helping our clients increase their revenue, close the gap between marketing and sales, improve their sales pipeline, and provide a substantial return on investment. We work with a variety of companies, including dynamic start-ups, mid-market channel organizations, and industry-leading Fortune 500 technology companies.

As a professional sales and marketing firm, we provide customized outsourced sales and integrated marketing services. Extended Presence has developed and managed over 900 unique appointment setting programs. These programs delivered set appointments within the following market segments: Information Technology, Healthcare, Finance, Telecommunications, Utilities, Manufacturing, Retail, Education and State and Local Government. Our appointment setting services include a wide variety of offerings: from integrated multi-touch campaigns to targeted channel-focused face-to-face appointment setting campaigns. We specialize in developing set appointments and qualified leads with Director, Vice President and C-level decision makers.

Extended Presence is not your typical vendor. We work hard to maintain a working partnership with each client; in order to develop, manage and deliver successful sales and marketing programs. Part of building any effective process for client campaigns is establishing and coordinating the expectations of the marketing team, the sales force, and the management team. We work closely with each client to establish their appropriate sales processes, customize the sales strategy, define the target audience and incorporate lessons learned into more proficient and better quality lead development programs. Optimizing the overall sales process requires attention to detail, experienced resources, and people dedicated to achieving our client’s objectives.